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Paid For Articles 

Are you stuck in home in this Covid-19, (get paid for articles) period we have a solution, wan’t to earn money from home just write a Article and Get Paid.

paid for articles

Rules to Follow :

  1. Your article should be 100% Unique & hand written.
  2. Article should be on topic like – What is, How to, Top 5 etc.
  3. Must added some Images and Video’s
  4. Article length should be minimum 500 to 1000 words.
  5. What’ever article you share that should be proven or authentic .

Paid for Articles

How to write perfect article :

  1. Mark H2 & H3 for your  paragraph related to Title.
  2. Divide your Article in to Paragraph after every 4 to 5 lines.
  3. Link your old article in to latest article.
  4. Top Most thing to do is Added Video & Image in to your Articles



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