Graphene Educational Learning Kids Laptop Tablet Computer with Music and Fun Activities, Engaging Learning Toy for Toddlers| Ideal Educational Laptop with Games, Colorful

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GRAPHENE Learning & Education Toys Multi Functional Baby Tablet Musical Toys with LED Light Piano Display Screen for Numbers Alphabet and Math’s


GRAPHENE Learning Unicorn Laptop for Kids Includes Light Sounds and Music Encourages Letter Number Shape and Animal Recognition Has LED Screen Plastic

Interactive toddler/Kids learning toy with light-up talking worm slider;26 light-up letter buttons,10 Mathematical numbers, and Words. Alphabet toy worm acts as the guide during games and learning the clock has a movable hand that introduces time concepts. Features Various Word learning activities with different progressive learning levels; introduces phonics, words, time concepts, music, and more. The early learning center comes with words and melodies with blinking lights that promote verbal and visual discovery for memorizing. This toy is designed to teach kids ages 1 year and above; 26 light-up letter buttons. Large Worm button for surprise responses. Various modes of play. Mathematical numbers from 0 to 10. Product Measures: 12x18x4(all inches) Recommended Ages: 1 year and up


Education learning toyEducation learning toy



baby toy piano music toy has a very simple interface, the light effects and playing music in this musical instrument can help brain development. This piano toy can be great birthday gifts for kids and also Christmas gifts for kids.

Educational Laptop PIANO

The dear little ones can carry the little rhythm instrument music toys around and easily push all the buttons of the piano for the baby. The baby piano requires 3 AA batteries. The baby piano keyboard encourages musicians’ earbuds, packed with fun ways to add music to early learning toys.


Music is fundamental to baby growth and preschool development – this music toy helps brain development from birth. This piano toy makes good music for kids and can also improve the hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creativity of kids at an early age.


GRAPHENE Educational Toy Laptop Learner with Screen/Musical Toy

The electronic piano plays melodious songs with flashing lights. Colors may vary.The organ keyboard plays musical notes, animal sounds, and songs, Basic shape keys play baby sounds.Bright, attractive colors and baby design attract kids, On/off switch.Stimulates hand-eye coordination, imagination, musical interests, and color perception in kids.


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kids learning laptop/toys for kids 4 years/latest toys for kids/laptop toys for kids/kid laptop 3-4 year/education toys for 7 years old kid Kids who play this learning computer can exercise the body, eyes and ears, not only to relax the body,but also to relax the optic nerve, which is conducive to the growth of the child.
This educational learning machine can help children to learn 26 letters, number addition and subtraction, various colors, animal vocabulary and so on.
Develops baby’s emotion, hearing, grip, sensory, hand-eye coordination, visual and other abilities. Simple function, featuring with Volume + / -, just turn on ON/OFF, then gentle press to learn the content. Provides funny ways for children to learn 26 A-Z Alphabet Letters, Words Learning and Spelling, Animal Learning, Song and Piano.

GRAPHENE Intelligent Mimicking Talking Tom Toys Story Telling Touch Recording Rhymes and Songs Musical Cat Toy for Kids Repeats What You Say Best Gift for Kids

Product Description

Mimicking Talking Tom ToyMimicking Talking Tom Toy

Mimicking Talking Tom ToyMimicking Talking Tom Toy

Mimicking Talking Tom ToyMimicking Talking Tom Toy

Mimicking Talking Tom ToyMimicking Talking Tom Toy

intelligent Mimicking Talking Tom Toysintelligent Mimicking Talking Tom Toys

Mimicking Talking Tom ToyMimicking Talking Tom Toy

Mimicking Talking Tom ToyMimicking Talking Tom Toy

The interactive cat toy for toddler will make a great companion for your little ones; and it will evoke their interest by the singing and repeating functions. It also can perfectly inspire their language and social skills while playing.
Our Tom Cat will repeat what you say; it can be used as an interactive learning tool for education. Parents and teachers can use the Tom to promote the development of children’s language, emotional expressions and imagination.
The exclusive cat toy for 3+ year old kids is made from non-toxic, 100% safe and durable materials, very soft and comfortable. The 14″ cat stuffed cat is big enough to cuddle from kids to grandparents. If your little one gets the stuffed Cat toy dirty, it will be very easy to wipe up with a damp cloth and will not cause fading issues.
Talking tom toy due to its multiple features bring happiness all around and hence can be a perfect gift idea for children on their birthday, or any occasion like Christmas, new year, Etc.
will love to play with this talking tom toy and this will bring delight to their face. This can be an ideal return gift for birthdays.

GRAPHENE Airplane Launcher Gun,Safe and Fun Shooting Guns for Kids,Paper Foam Gliders for Quick and Easy Operation,Nearly Unbreakable Plastic,Ideal for Kids Ages,Multicolor

Product Description

GRAPHENE Airplane Shooting Game Toy Bubble Catapult Plane Toy for Kids Glider Foam Planes Outdoor Plane Catapult Gun Kids Birthday Gifts


GRAPHENE Airplane Launcher Bubble Catapult Plane Toy Airplane Toys for Kids plane Catapult Gun Shooting Game Toys Outdoor Sport Toys

Toy planes:4 Foam Planes, moderate in size, Small in size, easy to carry, suitable for different players with different colors.Powerful Range: Powerful range outdoor sports glider, Easy for children to have fun, Effective range 6-8M, Ultra-flexible, High-performance free flight, Long glide time. These foam boards are made of EPP polymer materials. which are light in weight, flexible, and impact resistant. They have passed child safety tests. Even if the styrofoam airplane landed on him/her, it will not harm your child.


GRAPHENE Airplane Launcher Flying Plane Toy Gun for Kids Baby boy girls

Kids enjoying with this toy for both indoor and outdoor play, kids prefer to have outdoor competitions that can be flying away, also battle shooting gun gamesFull enjoyment toys for kids, while enjoying flying toys, it also has the function of shooting gun toys. Let your child get such an attractive toy that will be his favorite.Airplane Launcher Gun: Catapult plane flying toys come with an auto-launcher shooting toy gun and 3pcs foam glider planes set.Best Indoor & Outdoor Game: Kids enjoying with this toy for both indoor and outdoor play, kids prefer to have outdoor competitions that can be flying away, also battle shooting gun games.


GRAPHENE Airplane Launcher Toy Catapult aircrafts Gun with 4 Foam aircrafts, Shooting Games Outdoor Sport Activity Birthday Gifts Party Gifts for Kids

Powerful outdoor sports glider, easy for children to enjoy, effective range 6-8m, super soft, high-performance free flight, long gliding time.These foam panels are made of EPP polymer, lightweight, flexible, and impact resistant. They passed the child safety test. Even if the polystyrene plane lands on him/her, it won’t hurt your child.Science fiction shape, perfect streamline, safety anti-skid handle pull-out design, easy to play, lets children play outdoors.



Foam Blaster Soft Bullet is a Toy Gun with Foam Bullets and Suction Darts for kids.
This gun is easy to operate – load the soft bullets or suction darts from the front muzzle, pull the lever at the back, trigger and fire. The magazine can load 4 foam bullets at one time to make the action look all the more real.
Make of GRAPHENE Plastic which is nearly unbreakable.
Pull-back trigger firing action and quick chamber switching function.
Its super exciting and super cool shooting fun for the whole family, right in the cozy indoors!! Ideal for kids ages 8+ years.; This classic toy gun is made of superior plastic and is accompanied with 5 suction and 5 soft foam bullets. These bullets are not at all harmful and totally safe for your kids.

GRAPHENE Monster Truck for Boys 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old,Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys, Double-Directions Inertia Pull Back Vehicle Set,Birthday Party Gift for Kids (‎Multicolor)

Get ready for an action-packed adventure with our Pack of 2 Monster Truck for Boys. This set of friction-powered car toys is designed to bring endless fun and excitement to boys aged 3 to 7 years old. These monster trucks feature a push-and-go design that ensures thrilling playtime. Simply push the trucks forward, and watch them go with their powerful friction-powered mechanism. Encourage your child’s love for adventure and excitement with our Pack of 2 Monster Truck for Boys. These monster trucks will become their go-to play companions, fostering creativity and enhancing motor skills while having an absolute blast.
【High-quality materials】 : High-density alloy and non-toxic plastic make it a durable and safe entertainment toy equipment. Monster trucks with shock-proof springs and non-slip tires are a great educational and entertaining toy that can stimulate kids’ interest in inertia.
【Funny 360 Degrees Rotating Stunt】:Just lightly push the monster trucks hard to make the wheels working and put the toy cars upside down on the ground. You will see the car rotate 360 ​​degrees in a loop and go ahead. Easy to operate, and will bring hours of fun to your children.
【Powerful performance】: The body of Monster Truck is made of high quality metal and plastic. The large wheels give it the ability to travel on various terrains. It can easily break through barriers in indoor and outdoor environments including lawns, terraces and living rooms. This monster truck is not only an ordinary SUV, but also a high-performance off-road vehicle, which is definitely loved by children.
【Holiday Gift】 : This is an ideal gift for children’s birthday, children’s day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other holidays. In addition, monster trucks can improve children’s adaptability and thinking ability, and are the perfect toy gift for boys and girls.
【STUNT 360° ROTATING】Different from ordinary truck toys, these friction toy cars can roll forward and backward to rev up their power, just push the toy trucks hard to revolve the wheels, then put the car upright can easily achieve 360° rotating stunt. Your younger child can easily master this cool stunt show and enjoy these cars all around the house for hours of fun. Popular toddler toys, suitable for your kids or toy cars lover.

GRAPHENE 32 Hole Electric Gatling Bubble Gun for Kids with Soap Solution Indoor and Outdoor Toys for Toddlers Bubble Launcher Machine for Girls and Boys (Color as per Stock)

GRAPHENE 32 Hole Electric Gatling Bubble Gun for Kids with Soap Solution Indoor and Outdoor Toys for Toddlers Bubble Launcher Machine for Girls and Boys (Color as per Stock)
Our gatling gun can produce more bubbles which can be large or small,It’s a novelty gift for children.
32 holes Gatling bubble machine can output hundreds of bubbles per min,kids would be obessed with bubbles world.
Our Gatling bubble maker is made up of friendly good plastic, toxic and harmless. Kids can use our gatling bubble maker toy safely and enjoy of making bubbles.
Package Contains: 1 Gatling gun, 1 box of Soap Solution, and 1 plastic bowl
You only need to install 4 AA batteries, just pour the bubble water on the spare board, immerse the muzzle of the bubble gun in the bubble water, and then press the switch to enjoy the bubble time.

GRAPHENE® 6 Slides 48 Patterns Mini Projector Torch Toy Slide Flashlight Projector Torch for Kids Projection Light Toy Slide Flashlight Lamp Education Learning Night Light (Random Slides)

Product Description

Graphene’s Mini Slide Projector Flashlight torch, Kids Projection Light Toy Slide Flashlight Lamp Education Learning

Projector Projector

This is just the kind of toy you need to keep your kids happy, especially when it’s dark. Let them project their favorite characters.Explore in the night with this cool flashlight projector. Kids will delight when they see the characters.Encourage creativity and enrich imagination in repeated combination pattern effort.Best night companion for your kids.You can make stories from the projected character and .share them with your kids.

slide projectorslide projector

slide projectorslide projector

6 slides6 slides


Just remove the plastic cover slip, then insert the selected disc and rotate or adjust the disc to observe the projected image. The size is very suitable for children to grasp, easy to carry!


This projector is very easy to use for kids. simply insert the disc into the projector and start rotating the disc and the desired pictures will be appeared.


This product contains 6 random slides and each slide will have 8 projection i.e. in total 48 projections of alphabets, numbers and animals.

Slide projectorSlide projector


Pull the resistance chip from the bottom of the projector.Insert the desired projection disc into the projector.Turn on the switch.Rotate the disc to start getting projection.


Easy To Use – Especially Designed For Kids

Steps 1 – Just pull the plastic cover to replace the slideSteps 2 – Insert the selected projection disk to the disk slotStep 3 – Turn On the flashlight projectorStep 4 – Rotate or adjust the projection disk to observe the projected image

Safe and high-quality materials:It is made of high-quality ABS environmentally friendly materials, and the smooth edges will not harm children’s small hands. Easy to use. The slide rail can be replaced by simply sliding the plastic cover. Then insert the selected disc and rotate or adjust the disc to observe the projected image. Light and convenient. Can be used as a flashlight to make your child feel safe at night
The best sleep companion for children: The children’s slide projector is composed of multiple modes and is easy to use. You only need to pull the plastic cover to replace the slide, then insert the selected disc and rotate or adjust the disc to observe the projected image. It is recommended to use a darkroom with a projection distance of 50-150 cm to create clear and accurate images, suitable for children to grasp, easy to carry, and give children a sense of security at night!
Children’s slide projector: Unlike most projectors on the market, our projectors have more pictures and more vivid colors. Different pictures and groups of themes (randomly matched with different themed videos are shipped), just turn the lens head to focus, let your child enter the magical animal world and plant perception!
Early education of toys and sleep stories:Let children understand common sense of optics. The projected images at different distances will look different, which is amazing! Multi-mode play, play and learn, stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination. The best parent-child interaction puzzle early education light-emitting sleep story boy and girl toys
NOTE: Random colors with random slides will be sent as per availability.

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